Bengali Ambigram #1

Shubho / January 23rd, 2013

Ambigram / Satyajit

Ambigram: সত্যজিৎ (Satyajit).

Ambigrams aren’t necessarily the highest form of lettering art, but it can be a fun way to ease the tedium of uninspiration. Latin-based letters are much easier to handle, so I tried the one above in Bangla: সত্যজিৎ (Satyajit). A geometric styling helps, which explains the 90s-flavored lettering of this one.

Hope to post more in future…

© Shubho, 2013.


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dhrupadi / 23 Jan 2013

look forward

Sukanto Debnath / 11 Apr 2013

This is brilliant!!!!

Mayeenul Islam / 21 Sep 2013

Excellent. Keep the spirit. Loved it.

sk imran ali / 15 Jan 2014


Abdul goni opu / 22 Feb 2014


surajit / 30 Jan 2015