Adapting Nandalal Bose

Shubho / August 19th, 2010


Last year we at Rarh Design Studio had developed some products based on works of artists & designers of Bengal. Being from Santiniketan, the works of Nandalal Bose was our main focus.

Products based on motifs derived from works of Nandalal Bose

We were especially drawn towards his illustrations done for Rabindranath Tagore’s Bengali primer Sahaj Path (1930).

Lino-cut illustration from Sahaj Path [1930] by Nandalal Bose

Lino-cut illustration from Sahaj Path by Nandalal Bose, 1930

Nandalal Bose was the first graphic artist (though he was much, much more than just that) in Bengal who successfully combined traditional Indian pictorial wisdom with modernist minimalist solutions to produce some highly original & startling works of graphic art.

Nandalal Bose

Notebooks based on motifs derived from works of Nandalal Bose

We wanted to share these pictures, even though these products are no longer in production. In future we also wish to write extensively on various aspects of Nandalal Bose’s designs.

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endu / 22 Aug 2010

Dear Rarh Studio,

I chanced upon these products at the Tagore Centre souvenir shop in Calcutta this February.

My query is ~ how can I buy these items living in Delhi?
Will you please let me know?

Will wait for your reply.

Best wishes,

Shubho / 23 Aug 2010

Hi Endu,
unfortunately we are no longer producing them. But you might want to have a look into the NGMA's (Natinal Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi) souvenir shop as they have their own line products using illustrations of Nandalal Bose.
Hope it helps.

phvg81 / 17 Sep 2010

love these products!!!!

Sarang Kulkarni / 03 Jun 2011

Great work, loved the illustration. all the best.

Shubho / 03 Jun 2011

Thanks a lot, Sarang :)