The Spoils of Poush Fair

Shubho / January 7th, 2011

I missed much of the recently concluded Poush Fair in Santiniketan, and only reached the town when this old fair was at its fag end. Growing up in Santiniketan, my relationship with this fair has always been conflicted, and I must confess that much of its charms has always eluded me. Yet, I am favored with some cherished memories of Poush Fair and in my mind it stirs up a flood of images and impressions: masks and pinwheels, the pattering drum-carts…the wonders of the crazy hall of mirrors…loud music and fat men with cones calling the attractions of freak shows…queuing for our turns through the pinhole of travelling bioscopes – the magical world of cardboard fairytales. There would be fireworks at night. There would be fortunetelling machines. And key-rings you could have your names printed on with simple foil-embossing techniques that seemed so clever. And then, of course, the circus – there used to be tigers and lions that did somersaults and greeted the crowd with joined paws. There were rumors that local villagers bought cartloads of elephant refuse, and that the street dogs were fed to the visiting big cats.

It is difficult for someone like me to say how much it has changed over the years. But it has, surely, visibly. I am trying my best not to rue the changes, and not to moan the invasion of Photoshop and digital banners, and I frankly can’t decide anymore if the wooden toys are really better than the plastic imports.

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benzamin / 07 Jan 2011

bhalo laglo, tomader kaj.
egiye jao,
amra korbo joy ekdin.

Shubho / 08 Jan 2011


priyanka / 18 Jan 2011

"pinhole of travelling bioscopes – the magical world of cardboard fairytales." love this line, love all the conflict that comes out in ur writing. the best bit is those random rumours about the circus.

and i love all the accompanying font-captures at the mela, thoi did not like the mela per se. but seeing it this way is really cool. thanks. :-)

Shubho / 19 Jan 2011

thanks a lot...

Bijou Ganguly / 20 Jan 2011

I grew up in Santiniketan and therefore I really enjoyed your Poush Mela Posting.


Shubho / 20 Jan 2011

Thanks a lot!

Brendon Bielefeld / 10 Mar 2012

आज अमेरिका के अंदर सरकार ने देश में हर एक व्यापार में एक वरिष्ठ साथी है .
हमारा काम हमारी क्षमताओं की प्रस्तुति है .