Closely Watched Trends: Bags

Shubho / September 18th, 2010

This is about those charming little handbags from the workshop of the talented designer-duo Ivana Dimitrijevic & Prithwish Das. Prithwish & Ivana set up their design workshop together in a small attic atop their Santiniketan residence in 2008, and soon they were producing these finely crafted & strikingly original designer handbags.

Hand-crafted bag by Ivana & Prithwish

Each bag is painstakingly designed, hand-stitched, with the duo personally travelling to & scavenging all parts of Bengal to select & source their material.

Detail of block-printed fabric from one of the bags

Clearly, a fine understanding of the nuances of textile – the language of texture, an intuitive grasp of the flow of patterns – resulted in these rich & layered creations.

Hand-crafted Bag by Ivana & Prithwish

These hand-crafted bags have a charm of their own, with their measured imperfections & ’errors’, & (often, the best part) the designers’ whim in their choices of materials & contours. All these add up to a kind of poetic perfection where each creation offers a set of material solutions which seems just right within its scope.

Rarh Design Studio
© Rarh Design Studio, 2010. All Rights Reserved. Images by Prithwish Das.


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deepa m / 20 Sep 2010

very intersting - do they have a website where we could see more such bags? & how can i purchase online?

prithwish / 20 Sep 2010

thanks for the comment. right now we don't have a web-site, but soon we are going to launch a site where every one can see the range of bag's and also will be able to purchase online.

please Let us know if you have any query about the bags.

mail us on -

Bhaswati / 24 Sep 2010

How wonderful! I have a weakness for cloth bags like these in particular. On my list of to-visit places the next time I am in Santiniketan (pray it be soon!).