Rarh Studio In Book 7

Shubho / September 21st, 2011

The Sandesh masthead (above) and two other logos by Rarh Design Studio will be published in Logolounge Book 7, a collection of the best or the trend-setting logos from around the world. Excited to be part of the series, which has featured logos by many of the legends from past & present in the field, including Saul Bass, Jerry Kuyper, the Landor, Wolff Olins, Sagmeister and many more, along with many new upcoming designers. The Sandesh selection was special, it being a wordmark in Bengali, while usually this field is dominated by English/Latin-based identities. Would love to see more Bengali logos (and wordmarks) published in future books from this series.

© Shubho Roy, 2011


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Proiti / 23 Sep 2011

I'm very happy about this! Well done! What were the two other logos?

Rarh Design Studio / 24 Sep 2011

Thanks. The other two are old pieces, and we kind of expected one of them to make it this year. But we are happy about this one, since we didn't think a Bengali wordmark would even be considered for selection :)

Sushmita Dutta (Kolkata) / 04 Oct 2011


Anamika / 15 Oct 2011

Proud of you...amazing

riju / 29 Oct 2011

darun khobor! congratulations.
chomotkar hoyeche sandesh-er notun design-ta.
bejay ekta shonku gocher setting.

Shubho / 29 Oct 2011

'Shonku gocher' indeed! :) Thanks, Riju!

dhrupadi / 28 Mar 2012

'Dashu orthatt Dashorothi':)
Darun hoechhe.Obhinondon;